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RWBY: Whiterose by nekomiKasai
RWBY: Whiterose
"Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."

My last photo is true love. I have shipped these two since the first day they met. They may not contrast very much, but in many ways I have always felt that one is incomplete if not for the other. Sure sometimes Weiss think Ruby is not a worthy leader, sure Ruby thinks Weiss is a whiny rich kid. But the longer they stay together, the stronger they become. :love: Ruby and Weiss yo!

Ruby & Weiss - RWBY© Monty Oum & RoosterTeethFanClub 

Ruby costume & cosplay by: 
Weiss cosplay by:

:camera: by: 
More photos here!!
RWBY: Ladybug by nekomiKasai
RWBY: Ladybug
"Love.. does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs."

Friendship Love. The 2nd photo is about Ruby and Blake. Ruby may have felt that she has a lot in common with her misunderstood Faunus friend more than anybody. On their first meeting with each other, she tried so hard to be a friend, whome Blake only disregarded slightly. But as they fought battles together, their friendship blossomed into a bond that kept their team strong through their friendship.

Ruby & Blake - RWBY© Monty Oum & RoosterTeethFanClub 

Ruby costume & cosplay by: 
Blake cosplay by:

:camera: by: 
S.A.M. Photography
Edits by:

:star: More photos here!! :star:
RWBY: Enabler by nekomiKasai
RWBY: Enabler
"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud."

Familial Love. The first photo is about Ruby and her older sister Yang. Mother died when Ruby was young and has always looked up to Yang growing up. Being the youngest and a leader at the same time is enough pressure to handle, but Yang is very patient with her whining and always tries to encourage her to lead the team when things go bad.

Ruby & Yang - RWBY© Monty Oum & RoosterTeethFanClub 

Ruby costume & cosplay by: 
Yang costume & cosplay by:

:camera: by: 

:star: More photos here!! :star:
RWBY: A place to rest by nekomiKasai
RWBY: A place to rest

Ruby Rose - RWBY© Monty Oum & RoosterTeethFanClub 

Ruby costume & cosplay by: 
:camera: by: 

:star: More photos here!! :star:
VoE: I'll get you home by nekomiKasai
VoE: I'll get you home
..whether it's to the Mystic Moon or to Allen, I'll get you home!

Van fanel - The Vision of Escaflowne©Kadokawa Shoten
Cosplay by: nekomiKasai 

:camera: by: Vester Piedad 
More here:…



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Katz del Rosario
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~cat lover~
~addict to red~
~amateur photog~

Current Residence: Philippines
Favourite genre of music: instrumental (nature's music) ~ acoustic ~ alternative rock ~ j-pop/k-pop ~ R&B
Favourite photographer: Recca-san ~ my mom ~ Erving G ~ z3LL ~ Tony W ~ Red Cari ~ Hans B~ Devian C ~ Franz G
Favourite style of art: Cel-shade mix (airbrush & cel-art)
Favourite cartoon character: CCS & Tsubasa S+S ~ Kenshin ~ Suen Gokuo (saiyuki) ~ Duo Maxwell (GW)
Personal Quote: ::Good things come to those who wait:: ~unknown

For MORE COSPLAY related photos, please visit my accounts instead:
WorldCosplay -
My official fanpage -


The first weeks of April welcomed the Holy Week. So here’s a little drawing I did eight years ago for you to enjoy the Easter..


We also spent the Easter Sunday with our granma (father’s side), who also celebrated her birthday! Even got to cook for her my new food specialty: Bacon Potato Salad~! <3


The following week, a couple of superhero friends and I visited these adorable kids from a local orphange near Makati Colesium.


I gotta tell you, this is why I love kids, they are absolute stress relievers. Their care-givers did a great job of disciplining and educating them coz they were so smart, so fun, and such a joy to watch! <3 


Much thanks to our friend who invited us! Big thumbs up to our team: Timzster as Batman, Pomping De Leon as Damien Robin, Razzy as Hiro Hamada, J Tomago as Gogo Tamago, Ryder as movie Captain America, Kim as Toy Story's Jesse, SpiderDan Geromo as Spider-man & me as Spider-Gwen.. a job well done guys, stay awesome~! *glomp*


Our superhero duties didn’t end there. Next was the the DC Superheroes Cosplay Competition at the SM bicutan branch. I finally decided to compete for the first time in the longest time ever! I didn't win, but it felt great to catwalk & this time I made sure I walked the walk unlike my very first catwalk which was a total fail ugh! >.


A big CONGRATZ to new frenemy (coz of our character relationship haha) Daihne Cortes for winning 1st place as the amazing Hawkgirl! *huggles* Someday sweetie, we shall have photos with our Greenlantern & our love traingle will be complete nyaha! :))


Thanks to my friends whom I didn't expect to find, for the awesome support, the pictures (sankyuu ate Tanya), the free movie (glomps you Iza), the ride (you the man Fred), and the company all throughout the day~ SEE YOU FOR THE FINALS & THE BIGGEST DC GATHERING ON APRIL 18! 


Oh before I forget, I'm blaming these awesome people for my poor sniffing nose last night! I cried more for those deym glorious beautiful crazy twisted caaaaaaars~! ;A;;


Haha but seriously, thanks so much for dragging me guys! Impromptu movie night is impromptu for me :)) It was really fun hanging out with y'all~!!


*phew* I had some time to relax and chill. In fact, I had so much time I was able to purchase my #NexCon2 tickets GET! *woot* Now all I need is to start making the costume nyahaha~!!


At the same time also had an awesome sushi-fest with mah Southies peepz! I had eleven plates ahhh I think that's my tallest so far!! *woot* Thanks for the fun guys, that was some crazy shizz! Esp you AC Hernandez, you definitely made my night nyaha~! :)))) #postretardcon2015


The spare time wasn’t wasted though. I always knew 16 was my lucky number!! :)) And after several interviews with this certain company the past few days, guess who's a new Visual Merchandiser of #InstyleBrands? <3 #VogueConcepts #ohyeahnewjob


I was so excited I felt like nothing could stop me! Well.. maybe except for the DC superheroes World Record event!! OMG can I just say.. that was quite a blast!! All the other DC fans put together was like one heck of a party. I don't think we reached the 1k mark, but we estimated to at least 200+ participants representing Philippines! THAT'S PRETTY AMAZING ALREADY DON'T THINK?? *woot*


It was awesome to have met new friends and bonded with them through DC fandom. Those who registered got a free photo, a Justice League mug, a Certificate of Recognition & a World Record medal! How cool is that?? Oh and I finally got to be properly acquainted with Liui Aquino, one of the cosplay judges who happens to be sitting in front of me during the cosplay competition. I ended up the honor of being his "temporary advisor" nyaha! 


Our Justice Ph team looking awesome as always, great job guys!! We've earned our medals! ;3;; It was harder for me to be mother hen coz omg we're WAY TOO MANY NOW but it was worth it coz I love you all *huggles* Thanks to SM & Warner Brothers for making this happen~!


The crowd during DC Superhero World Record event in SM north Edsa the Block featured on GMA Network. Yup that's me in the second photo, wearing my yellow Vixen suit, giving my outmost cheer and support to friends who did performances on stage.


Video captured by Liui…


Saving the world continued on as I jumped to another awesome fun time at Aunt Cass' place! That's right, this time a Big Hero 6 themed party where we celebrated little Hiro's (real name Pax) 6th birthday, together with Pax's dad as Baymax, Cee Nicole as Gogo, Gelo Grayson as Tadashi and myself as Honey Lemon.


There were fun games representing each character's specialty like Honey Lemon with her spot-the-difference game using lemons and strawberry stickers, Gogo's disk throwing game and Tadashi's special Yukai pinyata filled with candies. The kids also got to build their own Lego characters! HHHHNNNGGGHHHH I WANTED A LEGO HONEY LEMON SO BAD HAHA!! :)


After that, we sang Happy Birthday and our little college man blew his wishes on a special Big Hero 6 birthday cake! colonthree emoticon IKR? Feels everywhere!


I didn't think I'd be able to take pictures but being the selfie queen Honey, it was my duty to do such haha! I actually have a lot more to share but that'll be a different post all-together.. for special reasons oho ho ho! Thanks again to Pax and family for inviting us SFIT students to your party~! *hugs* 


Finally, allow me to share our Threads of Fate shoot.. in fact, the “only” shoot I had this month! ASDFGHJKLKJHGFDSA OMG can I just spazz for a moment here? We finally got to shoot this, after so long haha! All those cramming and efforts paid off! ;A;;


I'm uploading here in my personal acct because most of my shots were post-shoot already since we used my ipad for pegs instead huhu! So as you can see, Chesra Lee and I were still in-character (eating burgers) and out of character (derping)! I love my Mint to bits coz she's crazy & spoiled like the game nyahaha!


Many thanks to our photogs for capturing the moments! Quickest shoot ever and we made so much use of our gorgeous venue that looked so much like Corona. I'll leave the last pic as a teaser for you guys! <3



Till next blog~! *mhew*

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